November 8, 2021

Welcome To The Neighbourhood: Oakleigh South

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Louis Lin

Welcome To The Neighbourhood: Oakleigh South

Fancy living in a great suburb with lifestyle benefits? Then Oakleigh South should be on your list.

Known as the Greek Centre of Melbourne, this wonderful multicultural area attracts not only the attention of tourists but also home buyers who wish to move to a suburb in the heart of it all. The area offers delicious food, highly regarded schools, public transport and beautiful homes - all the reasons why many people decide to call Oakleigh South home.

Principal Director of AUV Real Estate Louis Lin likes to work in this area and enjoys the lifestyle of working in the area. "There is nothing better than walking in Mavis Hutter Reserve, the park contains two workstations of outdoor gym equipment, a playground, and a granitic sand track and the playground comprises a slide, swings, and butterfly sculpture. I like to think that this is the community which is ideal for large families!"

To help you determine if Oakleigh South is the suburb you've been looking for, we have created an Oakleigh South suburb guide that contains all the key factors that make the area unique and attractive to those who wish to relocate.


If you like Greek food, then Oakleigh South is the ideal place to live. Centre Road is one of Melbourne's most popular open-air shopping areas, full of cafes and restaurants, including our all-time favourite. But food is only where it starts because these passionate restaurants don't just provide food, they provide cultural experiences and make all their customers feel welcome, that's why it is such a wonderful place to eat and enjoy tourists and residents alike.


Oakleigh South is an excellent area for growing families, and there are many top schools in the suburbs and surrounding areas. Oakleigh South Primary, Huntingdale Primary Bilingual School and Oakleigh South Secondary College are just a few of the many schools where families trust their children’s education. In addition, Oakleigh South is very close to many higher education institutions, such as Monash University’s Clayton campus and Caulfield campus, as well as Holmesglen College. If education is an important factor when choosing a suburb to live in, then Oakleigh South should definitely be on your list.

Public Transport

If you rely on public transportation when commuting to get off work or school, Oakleigh South can meet your needs. Oakleigh South is serviced by Huntingdale railway station. As part of the Dingley Arterial Project, Old Dandenong Road was connected to South Road, thereby linking suburbs west of Oakleigh South along South Road with suburbs to the east of Oakleigh South along Old Dandenong.


Another reason people are attracted to the Oakleigh South area is its properties. Whether you are a first home buyer, investor, growing family, or small family looking to purchase your first property, the options are endless. There are many very easy-to-maintain properties in the area. If you want something classic, you can refurbish your house with your style. Our local team of experts is always available to help anyone looking for the perfect home in the area, so if you are considering moving to Oakleigh South, the AUV team is ready to provide their services.

Found our moving guide helpful? Contact us to find out how the team can help you on your real estate journey:

Louis Lin – – 0425 600 626

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