September 23, 2021

AUV Supports Our Local Community

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Louis Lin

AUV Supports Our Local Community

During times of the COVID crisis, it’s important for us with a focus on health and wellness to respond accordingly. We want to thank our local community for supporting us during this tough period by giving the courtesy hand sanitizer giveaways that show you all we are thinking about your well-being.

If you are passing by our office at Malvern East, please feel free to pick up one and leave your message to us if you like.

AUV Real Estate proudly supports a number of local charities, awareness campaigns, and individuals. As we are not a franchise, we choose to give back to and invest in our local community.

We are continuously supporting our employees, helping customers, and aiding community relief during the pandemic. Last year, we donate tons of hand sanitizers to the apartments at Caulfield North and Malvern East.The health and safety of you all is and has been our top priority, we look forward to the day in the near future when we can again invent together safely and in person.

Stay safe.

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