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Tek Chea, a consummate salesperson since he was at 18 years of age when he had ventured into his first business. His determination to help solve any problem and dedication in offering true value and peace of mind services have continually exceeded his clients and industry expectations.

By making an industry leap into real estate. He has made a high-level commitment to his ongoing real estate knowledge and has been mentored and coached by the most highly acclaimed agents and coaches in the industry, including his siblings Jessica Chea and Ty Chea. Tek has found rapid and professional success at a top level. By always committing to a higher standard and understanding the true needs and goals of his clients first, Tek has been able to excel and lament himself as a powerful negotiator. With his business acumen and proven strategies, the results are an encompassing of uncompromised integrity, credibility and respect as the hallmark of Tek’s service.

On a personal level, Tek is married to Minkyeong and is raising two lovely children. He is a fitness and sports enthusiast and has dedicated his time to training in an elite sports level and has enjoyed representing Australia in Taekwondo.

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