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Jacky Kachab

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Jacky Kachab is one of Melbourne’s most trusted real estate agents among her clients, counting numerous happy buyers and vendors across Victoria. Jacky is passionate about her work and always goes the extra mile for her clients to ensure complete satisfaction. Having entered the field as a business broker before transitioning into real estate, she has a robust knowledge across the board. Jacky is currently employed as a part of the AUV Real Estate team and is based in Bentleigh. Having sold properties across rural and metropolitan Victoria, she will be able to assist with all your Real Estate needs.

Jacky has lived in the Southeastern suburbs of Melbourne for the last 30 years and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Melbourne property market. When not at work, she enjoys spending weekends on the Peninsula with her family and going for long walks around her neighborhood most weeknights.

Whether you are selling your home, leasing your property, need assistance in investments or just want some advice, Jacky is able and ready to help. 

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