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We understand selecting a real estate agent is as important as choosing your first home. So we value professionalism, integrity, accessibility and results.

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When you choose to sell with AUV, you trust our influence, relationships, and results. AUV Real Estate is a real estate agency that brings the perfect balance of service and expertise to every property we take care of.

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Your dream home.

Looking for a particular property in a certain area? AUV has the property that matches your criteria.

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Proficient in the art of negotiation, our position as a respected market leader depends on our unique company culture. We reward teamwork, which means that when you sell with us, you have the expertise of the entire AUV sales team behind you, and everyone is working hard to sell your property. AUV is also a team of international transaction experts works and is professionally trained to negotiate with international buyers.

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Managing assets is not easy but we can give you relief.

AUV’s property management team has cultivated a group of loyal customers who believe in our professional judgment and comprehensive understanding of leasing and property management.

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Your peace of mind.

The latest market knowledge ensures that we negotiate an appropriate and fair rent increase. We can access the National Database to check the tenant's references. Once your tenants are settled in the property, we will strictly pay attention to details for regular routine inspections, and our reliable and reasonably priced merchant database will handle maintenance issues in a timely manner.

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The tenant relationship is very important to us, and our dedicated property managers are committed to providing assistance and satisfaction. They can help solve any problems that may arise at any time.

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